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Strategic Communication Solutions

Digital5 is a brand building and reputation management firm that combines traditional advertising and marketing expertise with contemporary digital tools and techniques, to produce highly effective communication solutions and audience engagement.

Online and Offline Research; Corporate, Brand, and Marketing Strategies; Analog and Digital Content; Offline and Online Asset Creation using Technology; and Internet and Social Media engagement with stakeholders. This broadly sums up our spectrum of services.

What this means is, if you’d like to win friends and influence people online or offline, you should begin by speaking with us.

What's The Big Idea?

Brand building in times of fleeting interest and short-term memory is no easy task. A series of "small ideas converted into tactics" may help you win the day, but not the battle for supremacy in the mindspace of your audiences. We help you find the big ideas that will hold you good over time, not just the next few minutes.

Fish Where The Fish Are!

Fish don't come to you and jump into your net or get hooked, do they? You need to go fishing where the fish are, and wait. Likewise, audiences don't come to you, and you have to go where the audiences are and engage with them. Knowing where your audiences live and work, and how to get them hooked on you, is what we help you with.

The Digital5 Model

Who We Are

Digital5 is run by communication industry specialists with three decades’ experience in advertising, marketing, sales, luxury retail, filmmaking, digital marketing, public relations, and reputation management.
Our people have worked their way up from the bottom, to the top of the “big corporate ladder”, learning the ropes in real life situations, and have gained real-world experience.
Together, we bring you big company advantages, with entrepreneurial agility and sharpness, that goes a long way in helping you achieve your goals and objectives.