Case Study: Impulse Social Enterprises

Project: Brand-building to Empower Women of Northeast India
Client: Impulse Social Enterprises
Project Duration: Ongoing, since July 2010

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Unsafe migration for employment, is one of the key contributors to Human Trafficking from Northeast India. Which is why, Digital5 works closely with Impulse Social Enterprises, to conceptualise and promote an artisan brand that provides sustainable livelihood opportunities for financially-vulnerable women in northeast India.

The Impulse Empower brand, today helps approximately 30,000 women earn between 5 and 15 thousand rupees per month, in the safety and comfort of their own homes. The only skill they need, is one they inherited from their mothers – traditional weaving!

Impulse Empower, from Impulse Social Enterprises


In a world filled with artisan brands, how do you differentiate yourself as an authentic representative of local artisans, and how do you retain the traditional style of a tribe while creating contemporary products for the modern consumer?

How do you market these products at a premium, in order to do justice to the craft and heritage that goes into them, and to keep your business sustainable?


Most artisan brands in the country today, suffer from weak branding and inconsistent communication. For us, the first task was to create Branding and Communication that was premium, while reflecting artisan freshness and charm.

Our second challenge was to ensure consistency in all forms of communication, from basic stationery used for communication, to every marketing or sales element sent out offline or online. We use upmarket language and imagery, appealing not just to the aesthetics of the modern consumer, but also their emotions around the need to do good for society!

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