The Digital5 Model

Strategic Communication Solutions, for you.

Helping brands and individuals achieve their strategic business and communication goals, requires an in-depth understanding of the category, its stakeholders, and the challenges and opportunities they present. We offer a wide range of products and services, that include online research and analysis, strategy development, content creation, online asset development, and social media engagement. We get involved in the research or brand strategy stage, and then create content, and implement recommended programs across platforms online and offline.

Our strategic marketing and communication services are customised to your business and marketing goals, under the following five pillars.


Research & Analysis

Our Research and Analysis helps our Clients with real-time knowledge, insights, sentiment, triggers, trends, influencers, and more, in their category and areas of interest.

We Offer The Following Research Services: Category & Competition | Trends and Opportunities | Influencer Mapping | Business Intelligence | Brand Sentiment | Customised Research

Strategy Development

Our Strategic consulting services are built on in-depth research and insights, with real-time intelligence, that allows us to create long-term strategies and on-going tactics for our Clients.

Our Consulting Services include the following: Brand Strategy | Marketing Strategy | Public Relations Strategy | Digital Entry Strategy | Digital Marketing Strategy | Online Events & Promotions | Reputation Management | Consumer Engagement | Advocacy Programs | Crisis Management


Technology & Platforms

We use a combination of owned, earned, shared, and paid platforms to create online assets for our Clients. We also enhance our Clients’ online presence with customised technology and applications.

Our Online Asset Development services include the development of: Websites | Online Marketplaces | Social Media Platforms | Online Forums | Blogs | Apps | Software

Content Development

Our Content is crafted to perfection, by experienced thinkers, talented writers, and creative visualisers, in tune with strategy.

Our Content Creation services include: Articles and Perspectives | Case Studies | Content Curation | Website Content | Social Media Content | Speech Writing | Ghost Writing


Audience Engagement

Our Audience engagement services are based on Strategy, and help Clients connect with various consumers and stakeholders, with maximum sensitivity and minimum intrusion. Firm believers in contextual engagement, we only fish where the fish are, and ready to bite.

Our audience engagement services include: Social Media Engagement | Influencer Engagement | Customer Relationship Management | Stakeholder Engagement | Media Engagement

Personal Reputation Management

In addition to providing services for Companies and Brands, we also provide confidential one-on-one advisory services, to heads of companies, subject matter specialists, politicians, and other public figures. We also help our Clients with ghostwriting and other content creation services, media management, and social media engagement.

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